We are Flavia & Maurizio:  partners in – life and managers of One Room, the first Art Suite in the Italian Alps.

Both of us will be happy to welcome you to One Room and to help your stay become pleasant and special.


Flavia Chiarelli
Flavia Chiarelli
Flavia was born in Abruzzo, close to the Apennines mountains, and has moved up to the north many years ago to find fortune, snow and love!
She is involved with mountain tourism and sport marketing services: she is excellent in planning and problem solving, telling true stories, climbing up over the top of the highest mountains.
She is passionate about trail running, skiing, yoga and any kind of sport.
While Maurizio is the mind and the arms of One Room, Flavia is the digital eye and the storyteller of the couple: she works hard to translate into words what Maurizio easily make in shapes.
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Maurizio Perron
Maurizio Perron
is a non-stop worker: he is an artisan carpenter and a ski-technician during the winter season but his strong passion is sculpture.

He was born in the Alpine Village of Jouvenceaux, where he still lives and he started sculpting wood at the age of 8, spreading his artworks all over the world.

When he is not working, sculpting or travelling around the world he loves going up his mountains on cross country skis or walking and drinking beer with friends.

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