Luxury now is probably not anymore being surrounded by golden and expensive items or having a bath in a private Jacuzzi, but is becoming more and more taking care of ourselves;  spending quality time surrounded by beauty and nature.

Our concept of Luxury will take you back to your childhood, when you had enough time to build a treehouse or enjoying infinite rides on your favourite swing: here at One Room you have at least two private swings and a king-size bed lifted up by 4 real local trees.


The first setting of One Room is called “ The Great Escape” and has its origin in 2016 in the Northern Swedish Lapland, as  the Luxury Suite of the 26° Icehotel in  Jukkasjarvi, Sweden.

The first concept, designed and built by the Italian sculptor Maurizio Perron and Marjolein Vonk, experienced stylist from the Netherlands, was inspired by the idea of a “sustainable luxury”.

The Original Ice suite is now floating in the oceans, but here you can still have the chance to experience a  bit of the feeling of the former “Great Escape” at the Icehotel!

We want you to live a real corner of a Nordic atmosphere in a cozy and unique design room
The Suite is 30 square meters and it is all made up in natural material.
The furniture of the room and the bathroom, same as the walls and the floor, are entirely handmade by Maurizio, using local larch wood.
We have chosen personally any item to  offer a unique selection of items designing the room: curtains and bedding are designed and printed by Maurizio’s nature pictures.

When you will enter in One Room you will deeply dive into a timeless atmosphere, which will let you feel the nature with its colours, materials and timeframe.

One Room is a time machine ( DeLorean) that will let you remember your childhood, when you had space and time to go outdoor and build a real treehouse.

TIME is the new Luxury.

A swing will welcome you first on the small veranda, and when the weather is not so warm, you will be able to enjoy a second swing in the suite.

We want all day-dreamers find their time for their favourite sport, which can also be laying in the king-size treebed once they come back from their favourite outdoor adventures.

Our selection of organic teas and local sweeties will please you for a relaxing pause before indulging in a bracing shower and getting ready to enjoy your night out in the village.

You will not want to be late at night: the king-size wooden tree-bed will help you to sleep deeply.