One Room is the first Alpine Art Suite, designed to change setting every two years, giving its guest an hotel experience for their mountain holidays.

One Room is a brand new Art Suite based in the hearth of the Italian Alps, in the ancient mountain village of Jouvenceaux (Sauze d’Oulx).
One Room is eco-friendly: the structure and the furniture are entirely made up of natural materials, according to the modern bio building criteria.
One Room is as unique as its suite: only one couple at time can live its immersive experience in a B&B formula.

One Room was created in 2018  from an original project of the artist and sculptor Maurizio Perron, living in Jouvenceaux and travelling the world with his art works.

Daily inspired by nature and its relationship with art, Maurizio chose to design and create a new concept of luxury Bed & Breakfast in his native village, managed with his partner Flavia.

The suite is situated in the small village of Jouvenceaux, part of Sauze d’Oulx, a mountain touristic resort in the Italian Alps.
Five minutes walk from the closest chairlift, One Room is the ideal base for your winter and summer holidays in the Via Lattea ski area.


Our aim is to make you reconnect to your senses and spend your quality time close to nature: re appreciating the natural sunlight, smelling fresh-wood, enjoying the true life of a mountain village.

Our dream is to make you come back to your childhood, for a day or a week: do you remember how it was like building a tree-house or playing on a swing?

At One Room we have a great respect for our environment and we try to behave in an ethical manner on a daily basis.

We are lucky enough to be based up to the mountain, in an outdoor paradise which is one of the most beautiful parts of the country and wish to preserve that beauty.

The structure is built according to the Bio-engineering criteria:

The building is made using the most local material, trying to reduce the pollution of transport and delivering. The wood is Larch, from the Valsusa Valley, from trees that were too old and not growing anymore. The forest needeed space to let the young tree generation to grow.

We used over 90% less plastic then in a standard building, all the protection painting of the wood is waterbased and organic.

The heating system is under the floor, reducing the consumption of gas and the dust flying.

The thermal insulation if made by cork and wood fibre, minimizing the dispersion. One room could be heated up by 10 small candles

The lightning of One room is Led, and the maximum  amount of consumption 150 watts


The furniture of One Room is totally custom made. Every small detail is unique.

Every item or packaging supplied at One Room is plastic-free.

Unless you prefer otherwise, we will replace towels on departure only. If you require replacement towels before this, please leave the towels in your shower tray and we will do the rest.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning products by Family Bio.

We work hard to support our local businesses and try to encourage guests to follow our lead and shop from our high street as well as eating in our local restaurants.

Our staff all live locally ( as do our family!) and walk to work.

Enjoy & Remember Great Times with us!